What Agents Do For Their Commission

Some do very little for 5% upwards. Show a property and collect the commission on completion day.

Euro Business Consultants (Spainproperty Net Ltd) Formed in 1986.

1. Spend a great deal of time and effort locating and then listing suitable properties, mainly commercial businesses and projects and or land on their own long established web site and on one of Europe's Largest Portals which costs the company many Thousands of Pounds every year.

Have a high ranking on Google and many other portals which again costs many thousands every year.

2. Have a UK registered Office and Limited Company 5095996

3. Have Associate offices/agents in Spain.

4. Treat every transaction as an Individual Project and from the outset assess each project accordingly for likely time to be expended on the project Weeks, Months and sometimes into Years and price each project accordingly dependant on the work and likely time to be involved at a rate similar to that of a Solicitor/Lawyer which can amount to between 5% and 15% of the property freehold value and earn every penny of it and in addition to this we have to make allowances for other participating agents and then ask the seller/tenant what is the net they require in order for us to arrive at an asking price. 

The work involves so much and often includes:

Locating the suitable Property or Project, Negotiating with sellers, Organising viewings, Checking out the Property/Project, Obtaining copies of title deeds and checking out the same, Confirming ownership, Searching for Debts, Checking Legalities, preparing The Offer to include the agents fees/commission/profit. Working with the Client Buyers on or managing the Project for many Weeks, Months after the purchase and being on hand if and when required to resolve any problems. Dealing with suppliers, builders, tradesmen, Town Hall Licenses/Permits, Recruiting and Employing staff, and coping with the endless Bureaucracy that Spain presents. To be by your side throughout the project until it is finalised and still be there afterwards if required.

These are a few of the things We do for our money which when broken down is less than an average footballer gets paid.

5. Yes, some agents are over paid for the little they do but not us, we work hard for what we earn and have many clients/customers who will happily vouch for us.

6. You only get what you pay for in life and we are happy to be still serving our clients over 30 years later.