About Euro Business Consultants (Spainproperty.Net Ltd) Established In 1986.

We are now in our 35th year as Business Transfer Agents/ Brokers in the sale and lease of Spanish Commercial Property and are proud to be one of the longest established in this field.

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We have observed the Spanish Property Market very closely over the years and especially the sale of Bars and Restaurants yet despite the Warnings and Free Advice we give to people on our web site and personally, they still go out and purchase or lease property bars and restaurants through other agents and privately which businesses turn out to be completely un viable and the agents knew it!. We listen to what everyone tells us about a business then weigh up their comments against the location of the business and our feelings about it. Some agents care little about what they sell or lease to you or what happens to you and your family in the future. They either have no office in the UK or Spain or hide away in a secure tower block office. We are accessible and meet you personally before any transaction to discuss your needs.. We are still here After 35 years. Yes 35 Years and Transacted Many Millions in Pounds, Euros and Pesetas.

We Will Not list a businesses for sale or lease unless:-

  • There is a genuine reason for sale,
  • The business is in a good location
  • The business must be Viable and stand up to scrutiny.

Once we are satisfied with these three basic requirements then and only then will we offer the business to you. Remember, every business is for sale, lease, pass on or rent for a reason!.

We do not advertise any Free Offers, Fancy Videos or Exaggerated Claims in a So Called Road Show or Seminar, but for those who are seriously thinking of making what could be the most important move of their lives, we will gladly meet with you here, to discuss the venture/project in full, answer all of your important questions and advise you as best we can. This initial meeting and important advice is free.

We are on hand as your Agent/Broker/Adviser/Intermediary before, during and most importantly, for a long time after any purchase to help and assist our Clients and our fees/charges are allowed for in order for us to do this. We further explain all aspects of running your new business or completing a project in Spain and ensure or have assurances from others that all of your paperwork is in order, legal and that you are properly represented. We advise all Clients to take independent legal advice as we are at all times only an Intermediary.

This Content of this website has been written and is constantly updated by people with many years experience who are now into their 35th year in the business but never lose sight of the size of the move you are considering and meet with most Clients personally both here in the UK and/or in Spain.